Rummy Tour APK Download | Get ₹61 Signup Bonus On App

Rummy Tour is an emerging rummy app. There are many different and popular Indian card games available on the Rummy Tour app, which you can play with over a lakh of players online. Furthermore, if you are interested in earning money on the app, you can play these games for real cash. Above that, there is a referral program that you can use on the Rummy Tour app.

Rummy Tour
App NameRummy Tour
Signup Bonus₹61
APK Size53 MB
APK Version2.5

How To Download Rummy Tour APK

You might know that anyone who is interested in earning money from the Rummy Tour app can download it. The Rummy Tour APK is free to download. To make it easier, you can follow the steps for downloading the Rummy Tour APK.

Step 1 – Open the Rummy Tour website.

Step 2 – Click on the blue colored Download to play button. 

Rummy Tour APK

Step 3 – Download the Rummy Tour APK and install it on your mobile.

These steps can make it easier for you to download the Rummy Tour APK on your mobile.

How To Signup On Rummy Tour App

To play different card games on the Rummy Tour app, you had to finish off the signup on their app. By finishing the signup process, you can get a ₹61 signup bonus. 

Step 1 – Open the Rummy Tour app.

Step 2 – Click on signup for an account.

Step 3 – Enter your mobile number and click on get a verification code.

Step 4 – Enter the verification code and a password.

Step 5 – Click on the signup button.

After finishing the process, you will get your account signup for the Rummy Tour app, and you will get the ₹61 signup bonus on your Rummy Tour account.

What Is Rummy Tour App

Rummy Tour is an emerging app in the rummy apps. The Rummy Tour app is getting very famous in India because of its different card games. There are many card games available on the Rummy Tour app that you can play to enjoy or earn real cash from the app.

Furthermore, you can get a ₹61 signup bonus from the app that you will get instantly get after signing up for an account on the Rummy Tour app. Above the card games, you can give attempt to use the referral program of the Rummy Tour app to earn money. 

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Playing Games On Rummy Tour App

You can explore many games on the Rummy Tour app. However, primarily the best games for playing on the app are card games like Teen Patti, Rummy, Poker, Baccarat, etc.

These card games are very premium for playing online. Also, I will recommend you play the best card game available on the Rummy Tour app, which is the Jackpot game. 

Playing the Jackpot card game on the Rummy Tour app will give you a unique and premium experience. Also, playing the Jackpot game on the Rummy Tour app is very risky, but at the same time, you can also earn a good amount of money. 

Referral Program On Rummy Tour App

Above the Rummy Tour games, you can try the referral program to earn money from the app. Moreover, the Rummy Tour referral program is safe and secure to use because it does not include any risk. 

So you can try the app’s referral program, and you will make your fixed income from the Rummy Tour app. 

Rummy Tour App Customer Support

The Rummy Tour app customer support is available on the Telegram app. The Telegram channel of the Rummy Tour customer support is Toursub03.

Rummy Tour App Review

Rummy Tour is a great app for users who want to explore many games online. You can also explore some of the best games on the Rummy Tour app. 

Moreover, the Rummy Tour is an Indian popular. Hence, we can trust the Rummy Tour app very well. Above that, you can use the app’s referral program to earn real cash.

Also, you can contact customer support of the Rummy Tour app through the Telegram app. 

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