Goa Games App Download | Play Colour Game & Earn ₹300 In APK

Hello, my dear and lovely friends today we talked about the new colour prediction app whose name is the Goa Games app. In this apk, you will get to play 25 online casino games in which you can earn unlimited money. The best aviator game in the Goa games app which is the most popular game in India or the most played game.

We are going to give you complete information about how you can earn by playing this game in today’s article. After downloading the Goa games app, we will tell you how to log in or register in very easy steps. Among some important features of the Goa games app, we will tell you the process of earning using your VIP bonus or gift code.

Goa Games app is a 100% real gaming app in which you get 24/7 customer support services. Since it is a real app, you can recharge or withdraw this APK at any time. So read this article well, later on, we will give you information in full detail about this APK.

Goa Games
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To download the Goa games app, you do not need to go to the Google Play Store because you can download this app from its official website link, the link to which has been given to you.

How to log in Goa Games app :

Step 1: First of all open the game app on your Android device.

Step 2: Now this type of page will open in front of you.

Goa Games Login

Step 3: First enter your mobile number.

Step 4: Enter the Goa Games app password.

Step 5: Click on the login button.

You have successfully logged in Goa Games app. 

How To Register In The Goa Games App :

Step 1: First of all open the Goa Games app in your smart or iOS device.

Step 2: Click on the register option.

Step 3: Now this type of page will open in front of you.

Goa Games Register

Step 4: Enter your registered mobile number.

Step 5: Enter the password.

Step 6: Re-enter your password.

Step 7: Enter the recommended code that we have provided to you.

Step 8: Click on I agree on terms and conditions.

Step 9: Click on the register button.

You have successfully registered in the Goa Games app.

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VIP Bonus In Goa Games App :

Goa Games App

To get VIP Bonus, you will have to make your games strong, meaning you will have to increase the winning rate in your games. When your Goa games winning rate increases, the facility of a VIP bonus will be open for you. So you can check in daily. In this level VIP bonus, each person can earn a weak reward only once in a while. Or a second monthly one-time reward can be achieved.

On completing the first VIP bonus level, you will go to the VIP 2 level in the second round. By completing all the missions in this way, you can get all the rewards. The way you play, you will be strong in gaming and a VIP bonus level will open.

How To Use Gift Code In Goa Games App:

  • To get the gift code, first open the Goa game app on your smart device. 
  • After logging in, you will have to go to my section and select the gift code option.
  •  Now the same page of gift code as shown in the image will open in front of you.
  •  Now the main thing is that you may be getting a blank look or you will be asked to enter the recommend code. But now it is difficult that how can you earn a gift by entering the recommended code. 
  • Don’t worry, I am here for this unique feature to make you earn. 
  • We have provided you with a gift with a code. 
  • First of all, you have to enter it where you are asked to enter your recommended code. 
  • you will confirm by entering the code. Within 24 hours you will get the gift of recommend code added to your wallet as a reward.
  •  You can also request this code from any of your friends who are using this APK. 
  • You can use these earnings in your gaming without any recharge.

How To Play Aviator Game In Goa Games App:

Step 1: First of all login to your iOS or Android device and open Goa game apk.

Step 2: After visiting the home page of this Goa game apk, many Goa games will be available in front of you. The most played game is a select aviator in this apk.

Step 3: Now the main screen of the aviator game will be shown in front of you. You have to place your bet here.

Goa Games APK

Step 4: Now the money wallet will be shown in front of you, and you can place the amount you want to bet.

Step 5: As soon as you feel that the plane is working, you can withdraw your profit. Like if the plane takes off then you will lose before closing the bet.

Step 6: the win multiplier starts at 1x and grows more and more as the lucky plane takes off.

Step 7: Your winnings are calculated at the multiplier at which you made a cash-out, multiplied by your bet. 

Similarly, you can earn by continuing this awesome aviator game.

How To Recharge And Withdraw In Goa Games App :


1: Open it by logging into the Goa game app.

2: Go to the home section and click on the recharge button.

Goa Games Recharge

3: Select the bank account from which you want to recharge.

4: Enter the recharge amount.

5: Click on the last recharge button.

You have successfully recharged your Goa Games app wallet.


1: First of all login to the Goa game app and open this apk.

2: Go to the home section and click on the withdraw button.

3: Now the withdraw page will open in front of you.

Goa Games Withdraw

4: Select your bank account or UPI ID from which you want to withdraw your amount.

5: Enter the withdrawal amount. In Goa games app minimum withdrawal is 100 rupees.

6: Enter the Goa game password.

7: Click on the last button withdraw.

As per the Goa game app rules, within 24 hours, the amount withdrawn by you will be transferred to your linked bank account.


In conclusion in today’s article, we have told you how to download the Goa Games app and log in or its few features VIP bonus, gift code, how to play aviator games etc. I have given complete information about it. With how to recharge or how to withdraw the winning amount, its complete process is explained. I hope you all have a good time in the society.

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