What Are Teen Patti Rules | Step By Step Tutorial For Beginners

Teen Patti is a famous card game in India. The Teen Patti game is most played in casinos and online gambling platforms. The Teen Patti game is also known as the Flush game. However, if you don’t know the Teen Patti rules, you should don’t worry because reading this article can help you know Teen Patti rules. 

Teen Patti Rules

What Are The Teen Patti Rules?

Before playing the Teen Patti game, you should know the basics and rules of the game. Also, you should know that Teen Patti is a betting game, so playing it without betting makes the gaming experience average. 

Follow the Teen Patti game rules that you should follow to win the Teen Patti game. 

1. Placing A Bet – At the start of the Teen Patti game, every player needs to make an initial bet. The initial bet in the Teen Patti game is called a Boot amount. Wherever you play the Teen Patti game, the Boot amount will be predetermined and equal to all the players. 

Also, the initial bet sets the Pot Limit because the Pot Limit in the Teen Patti game is equal to 1024 times the Boot amount. For example, if the Boot amount is 350, then the Pot Limit will be 1024 times which is 3,58,400.

2. Dealing Cards – After all the players have placed their bet, it’s time to deal cards. You can select the dealer between the players playing the Teen Patti game. Also, the maximum number of players in the Teen Patti game is 6, and the minimum number of players is 3.

Afterward, the dealer will change in every round in the clockwise direction. Now, the dealer will deal three cards to himself and all the players, and the cards will be face down.

3. Blind – The cards will be dealt in a clockwise direction, and the player sitting left to the dealer will start his turn. Now, the player can choose to play blind. 

This means the player will bet in the Teen Patti game without seeing his cards. Therefore, if a player plays Blind, he can Fold, Call, or Raise the bet. The advantage of playing Blind is that if the other players are not playing Blind, you can place half of the bet from other players. 

However, the disadvantage of playing Blind in the Teen Patti game is that you cannot see your cards, and this can increase risk.

4. Seen – If the player doesn’t want to play Blind, he can choose to play as seen. Playing seen will mean the player can see his cards and choose to Fold, Call, or Raise the bet. 

Also, if the player chooses to see, then it will be a risk-free option than the Blind because then the player can know whether his cards are the highest or lowest.

5. Raise – If the player knows he has higher cards, then he can raise the bet. However, the player can only raise the bet to 2x when he has his turn.

Also, there is a Pot limit in the Teen Patti game. 

Therefore, if the players reach the Pot limit, then the game will end without the players having to fold their cards, and the player with the highest card will win the Teen Patti game. 

6. Side Show – If there are a minimum of three players or more than three players left in the Teen Patti game, then one can request a side show. However, a player can request a side show only to his previous player. Also, both players should be playing as Seen not as Blind. Now, it’s up to the other player to decide whether he wants to accept the side show or not. If the player accepts the side show, both players have to secretly show their cards, and the player with the lowest card will get eliminated. 

7. Fold – The players can simply fold their cards if they think that they do not have the highest cards to win the Teen Patti game. 

8. Show – When there are only two players left in the Teen Patti game, and one decides to choose the show, then the players will show their cards facing up. The player having the highest card will win the Teen Patti game and the betting amount. 

Thus these are the rules for the Teen Patti game.

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