Rummy Apna APK Download | Get ₹75 Bonus In Rummy App

Rummy Apna is an Indian name rummy app. The Rummy Apna is an app that provides fair gameplay to users for earning online cash. A well-known company named Taurus owns the Rummy Apna app. Therefore, you can know that the Rummy Apna is a legit online earning app. 

Rummy Apna
App NameRummy Apna
Signup Bonus₹75
APK Size40 MB
APK Version1.0

How To Download Rummy Apna App

As of now, the Rummy Apna app is not downloadable on the play store app. Nevertheless, you can download the Rummy Apna app from their website or from the Taurus website. 

In addition, you can directly get the link to the Rummy Apna APK to download it on your device. 

How To Register On Rummy Apna App

Once you have downloaded the Rummy Apna app, they will ask you to enter your details to register on their app. Also, you don’t have to worry while entering your details because the Rummy Apna app is a very secure app. 

Following, you will get to know what details are required to register on the Rummy Apna app.

Step 1 – Launch the Rummy Apna app on your device. 

Rummy Apna APK

Step 2 – Open the profile tab and continue by clicking the register button. 

Step 3 – A registration form will appear.

Step 4 – On the registration form, enter your mobile number, verification code, and password.

Step 5 – As an alternative, you can also enter your email address instead of your mobile number. 

That’s all you need to enter while registering on the Rummy Apna app. However, it is recommendable that you should always register on the app with a mobile number instead of an email address because registering with a mobile number will provide you with a free bonus on the Rummy Apna app. 

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Rummy Apna App Affiliate Program

The Rummy Apna app contains an affiliate program. The program is meant to give the user a chance to earn online cash on the app. However, the affiliate program is managed by Taurus. 

The Taurus company gives all the commission to their affiliate agents, not the Rummy Apna app. That’s why firstly, you have to register on the Taurus Affiliate program. Following, you will get to know how you can register for the Taurus Affiliate program.

  1. First, log in to the Rummy Apna app.
  2. Go to the app’s refer and earn tab.
  3. Click on the signup option.
  4. Enter your mobile number and complete it by entering a verification code.
  5. Now, you will get your affiliate link from the app.

The commission rate given by the app is pre-determined. By inviting new rummy players to the Rummy Apna app, agents will get ₹30 bonus and a fixed commission of 30%. 

However, earning the 30% commission is not that easy. Because to get the extra commission, your referrals have to play betting games on the Rummy Apna app.

Hence, you have to make extra efforts to earn commission from the Taurus on the Rummy Apna app.

Rummy Apna Games

The Rummy Apna provides fair gameplay to its users. There are 20 games featured on the Rummy Apna app, and all the games provide fair gameplay to their users. 

However, the fan favorites games are Rummy, Teen Patti, Andar Bahar, Dragon VS Tiger, Jhandi Munda, and Baccarat. That way, you can know the best games to play on the Rummy Apna app.

Rummy Apna Customer Support

Customer support for the Rummy Apna app is available in their app’s customer care tab. Therefore, you can contact Rummy Apna customer support on their app, and you don’t need any other platform. 

Also, the Rummy Apna is an Indian app. Therefore, customer support is available in 5 different languages, which helps people to contact the Rummy Apna app easily.

Rummy Apna App Review

Finally, the Rummy Apna app is a downloadable app if you want to earn online cash. As you know, the app is owned by Taurus. Hence, the Rummy Apna becomes a legit online earning app. Also, the app provides fair gameplay to its users. Therefore, playing games on the app is secure, and you can use the Rummy Apna app affiliate program to earn online cash.

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